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Construction of a new fishing basin in the Port Darlowo

"Construction of a new fishing basin in the Port Darlowo"

Client: City Darlowo.
Completion of the contract until 30 November 2013.
The value of the contract is 10 855 801.43 zł net.

Description of the contract

New fishing basin with an area of ​​21 790 m2 will be built at the quay Darłówko on te  Słupskie Quey,  in the corner, where the river Grabowa flows into river Wieprza . The Basin can accommodate a total number of 50 fishing vessels.

Construction funded by the European Fisheries Fund under the Operational Programme "Sustainable Development of the Fisheries Sector and Coastal Fishing Areas 2007-2013". Measure 3.3 "Investments in fishing ports, landing sites and shelters."

The scope of the construction comprises:

  •      execution of a fishing basin,
  •      performance of embankments around the fishing basin
  •      performance of floating platforms for mooring fishing boats,
  •      execution of the slip,
  •      performance of the access road to the fishing pool with technical squares - components,
  •      replacement of pavement on the approach to the wharf Slupsk (designed in the first stage as an access road  paved with permeable surface water),
  •      performance of the embankment and leveling,
  •      installation of lighting
  •      implementation of storm water drainage,
  •      performance of the water supply network,
  •      implementation of sanitary sewers.

Photos from the stage of the piling works

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Before  works::

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