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Construction of the pier promenade on the Vistula River in Plock.

Pier has an elongated shape and extends in an arc from east to west. It has a length of 357.8 m core width of 5.3 m and 15.3 m 10.3 mi

It is founded on a single row of circular piles drilled in the bottom of the river Vistula, erected at intervals of 20 m

Implementation: 2010-2011

The investor was the Municipality - City of Plock - City Team Sports Facilities

The construction carried out in consortium with Bilfinger Berger Construction SA Plock

The main work on this site:

  • The steel structure supported on piles, protected against corrosion by painting.
  • Pier, covered with wooden planks 80 mm thick wood of pine wood equivalent strength class C24.
  • Reinforced concrete pier (at the restaurant wheel) diameter 25 m thick. 30 cm. Based on the central pole with a diameter of 100 cm, and the two rows of circular piles with a diameter of 80 cm.
  • Execution of the restaurant building on the pier, made ​​of steel construction area: 266.84 m2.