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Navimor - Invest S.A.

Civil engineering, Marine and inland hydro-engineering

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From the beginning we had the pleasure of working for many companies and institutions in Poland and abroad. These include both government units and private investors.

Our custmers are for example:

  • Maritime Office in Gdynia.
  • the Port of Gdynia Maritime SA
  • Development Directorate City of Danzig.
  • Maritime Search and Rescue, based in Gdynia.
  • City of Gdynia.
  • Office of Roads and Greenery in Gdansk.
  • City of Elblag.
  • City Chojnice.
  • City Tczew.
  • Regional Water Management in Gdansk.
  • The company Strabag Sp. of o.o.
  • The company Skanska SA
  • The company Hydrobudowa Gdańsk SA
  • The company Budimex SA
  • The company Bilfinger S.A.