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Civil engineering, Marine and inland hydro-engineering

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Our company started as a Navimor-Invest Sp. of o.o. in 1991 as a result of privatization of Foreign Trade Enterprises "Navimor" from Gdansk.

Among the founders and employees were people with experience in hydraulic engineering and construction industry, so that already at the beginning of the foundation of our company we were able to join the implementation of many large and complex projects. Our company specializes in the construction of hydro-engineering construction, while a few years ago at least 80% of annual turnover came from exports.

In the beginning was the main development direction of the Czech market, where Navimor-Invest quickly became one of the key players, successfully competing with both local companies and foreign companies. In parallel, we have been developing on the Polish market. In recent years, including through the use of EU funds in Poland there was a significant activation in our industry, which resulted in a significant increase in the turnover of the national branch. Currently, these proportions are shaped more or less 50% for both the Czech and Polish markets.

Since 1991, we realized (primarily as a general contractor) a lot of investment, usually of very high importance for water management. The unit value of the majority of these facilities exceeded EUR 10 million, in some cases exceeding the 50 million. The note is the fact that Navimor-Invest was in the 90s an important player in the repayment of Polish debt to the Czech Republic, realizing in this country contracts financed by the Polish government. We carry out successfully the tasks that are financed from EU funds.

Our company from the beginning promoted the innovative solutions, often by offering customers a new approach to construction projects. After a series of floods in the 90's Navimor-Invest also specializes in the removal of damage, and in the modernization and construction of effective flood protection. We actively promote solutions that improve security, also because of climate change herald the intensification of negative phenomena in the future. We work with scientific and research centers that deal with finding new solutions and technologies. In recent years, the company is also implementing a number of investments to build a modern tourist infrastructure. We also participate in the modernization and expansion of ports and other facilities around the Polish coast.

We are recognized as a solid performer and able to adapt to harsh conditions.  FO such opinion we deserve thanks of our experienced staff. In our company had worked and still working many engineers with years of experience in the construction industry. We have a lot of experience in fulfilling overseas contracts, as well as the investment financed from EU funds. Workers employed by us are constantly improving their skills, underpinned by well-defined personnel policy manual.

We express our willingness to continue cooperation with the multi-clients at home and abroad, as well as the continuous acquisition of new, which will help in achieving their ambitious investment plans.