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Civil engineering, Marine and inland hydro-engineering

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Investor relations

From the beginning we had the pleasure of working for many companies and institutions in Poland and abroad. These include both government units and private investors.

This section of our website was created for the further development of the company after its transformation into a joint stock company in late 2010. It is supplemented by reports and information on the operation and financial achievements of the company in accordance with applicable regulations.

If you are interested in cooperation with us, please contact directly with the management of our company.

  • President of the Board - Mr Krzysztof Kosiorek-Sobolewski
  • Vice Chairman of the Board - Mr Wiesław Czarnecki


  • Proxy - Mrs Joanna Kosiorek-Sobolewska


The Board Assistant/Secretary - Ms Małgorzata Zielińska
tel. +48 58 7703 250

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