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Modernization of the weir Opatowice

Modernization of weirs Oder. In the section on the board RZGW Wroclaw, Lower Silesia. Modernization of the Opatowice Weir.

Client: Regional Water Management in Wroclaw
Completion of contract: until 9 December 2014
The contract value is: 19,493,281.99 zł net.

Description of the contract

  •       Renovation of the building structure of the weir.
  •       Replacing the seals of the main sectors of the flap.
  •       Replacing the closure of the main drives.
  •       Replacing the electrical power and control.
  •       Implementation of superstructures on abutments and pillars
  •       Repair of communication footbridge over the weir.
  •       Rebuilding fish ladders.
  •       Design closure maintenance of the W.G. and W.D.
  •       Modernization of the weir edge insurance.