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Rebuilding of the Motława river queys. ( VII and XII)

The Motlawa queys.

On 20.03.2014r. the Board of Navimor-Invest S.A. signed the agreement with The Director of The Maritime Office in Gdynia. The agreement for „Rebuilding of the Motlawa River quey no VII in Gdańsk, and the quey of Motlawa River (the part of the XII quey) on the Ołowianka Island" within the project named " Modernization of the entrance to the inner port ( in Gdansk). Stage II - Rebuilding of the water way on the Martwa Wisla and Motlawa rivers".

The value of the contract: 4.950.263,30 PLN net.

The date of put into the operation: nine months after singning the contract