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Reconstruction of sluice Labedy in Gliwice

"Reconstruction, expansion and renovation of sluice Łabędy" within the project "Modernization of the Oder locks the section being on the board of RZGW Gliwice - adaptation to the third class of the waterway"

Contract Value: 37,753,412.66 PLN net.

Deadline: March 2015rok

The investor is: Regional Water Management Board in Gliwice.

Description of the contract

It is expected to do the reconstruction, expansion and renovation of sluice Łabędy, Located at km 38 510 Gliwice Canal.

Lock Łabędy has two twin chambers.
The main parameters of the lock are as follows:
- 71.5 m usable length,
- The effective width of chambers, 12.0 m
- The height of the walls of the chambers, 8.0 m
Head upper and lower locks are made as monolithic reinforced concrete structures.
In the minds of the upper locks, canal runs between the compartments, closed by a slide wedge, which is used for saving going through.

Łabędy lock before starting work: