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Reconstruction of the fishing port of Nowa Karczma on the Mierzeja Wiślana

Name of the project: "Reconstruction of the marina, remodeling west palisades,  building of the slip, entry reconstruction, reconstruction of the square near the fishing port in the harbor - Pool III Nowa Karczma (formerly Piaski)"

Contract Value:1.625.675,43 zł net

Deadline for completion: 10 months after 21.05.2013

The investor is: Maritime Office in Gdynia


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Scope of Contract:

  • "Repair of hydrotechnical objects (North Waterfront, Bridge), Square waterfront (with the entrance to the harbor) and the construction of slip in the Fisherman's Landing - Pool III NNowa Karczma (formerly Piaski)
  •   Repair of Western Palisades Pool Nowa Karczma (formerly Piaski) and repair the concrete surface at the East Quay