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The promenade overlooking the Oder - Rebuilding of Szczecin boulevards

The project is implemented under the project: "The promenade overlooking the Oder - Rebuilding of Szczecin boulevards"

Completion date of construction: until 15.11.2012r.

The total value of work executed is 14,927,683.50 zł net.

Section of the wharf will be rebuilt with a length of 909.5 m

New surface will be performed on the waterfront will include such new sidewalks, benches, litter bins, the infrastructure necessary to operate the watercraft, or bollards, oczepy, lifebuoys. Will also be connected to the media and lighting.

The main works include:

  • Works Pile: 61 piles and sheet piling plunge over a length of approximately 420m
  • Reinforced concrete works: construction of new wharf construction,
  • Installation of equipment panels waterfront

See on the map.

The construction works on going