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Upgrading and construction of coastal fortifications of the west coast in Niechorze.

Maritime spurs in Rewal

On 08/08/2013 NAVIMOR-INVEST SA signed an agreement on "Modernization and construction of coastal fortifications of the West Coast."

Value of the contract: 8.495.901,66 zł net

Deadline: October 30 2014rok

The investor is: The Maritime Office in Szczecin


See on the map.

Scope of Contract:

Construction of new sections of coastal fortifications:

  • The combination of bands under the restaurant "Baltic" in Niechorze with the band at the Niechorze Lighthouse, building of the reinforced concrete top plate with sheet piling and stone coating.
  • Implementation of the rock band made from the stone coating, (300 m long)
    under the cliff
    from the western end of the band at the Niechorze Lighthouse to the radar station for the Navy on the contoured slope in the groin cliff
  • other works